Importance Of Games

Games play a very important role in human life. They are a big part of our history. As soon as an invention was made we decided to have fun with it.

Ex: The first automobile race happened soon after cars were in the market.

Now, let us get to the very basics of video games.

What is a game?

The dictionary will tell you “A game is a construct that organizes play through a series of rules, for the purpose of achieving a set of goals, overcoming an obstacle or attaining an objective.” Games are commonly known to be “entertainment” but they are a specific kind of “entertainment”.

According to Game designer, Chris Crawford made an amazing hierarchy to properly define games. He first took entertainment and divided it into non-interactive (books, movies, etc.) and interactive (plaything).

If the plaything has no goal then it’s a toy, like a toy car. But if there is a goal, like trying to drive it down the stairs, it now becomes a challenge.

If there are no opponents then it’s a puzzle and if there are opponents, then it becomes a conflict.

Okay we are almost there.

If you can’t interact in the conflict then it’s a competition, but if you can interact in the conflict, now that’s a game. A good example of a competition will be ice skating; everyone is skating to win but they can’t really effect each other’s performance.

You don’t have to be playing against a person for it to count as a game. Artificial intelligence counts as an opponent as well. For example; that one Honda civic that keeps beating your max upgraded Lamborghini in need for speed can be the obstacle or opponent you need for it to be a game.