Children for Education

My Gurukulam mates and I have taken an initiative to contribute in the field of education for many reasons.

Let’s look at the concept of democracy. 

Isn’t it inspiring when you know that you play a part in what’s happening rather than being pushed around by what is being decided by “someone”?

Don’t you feel inspired and empowered when you know that you are contributing to the larger society?

And that’s one of the reasons why the G5 are part of the movement of “Children for Education”.

Children are the centre of education. Education is every child’s rights and we need to know that it’s children of today who run the world tomorrow.

If democracy is of the people, for the people, by the people… then education is of the children, for the children, by the children.

To execute this idea and bring the concepts of Vedic Omniology to everyone, we, the G5, have taken the role of mentors at Temple Of Learning: An Online Gurukulam, as facilitators at the Temple Of Excellence: An Omnio Learning Centre and also run programmes like gamification in education, arts in education etc.

We have also taken an initiative to start an Omnio Learners Club, where all omnio learners can come together to do various different activities, work on projects and express their talent.