About Me

Hi everyone!

I am Skandanayan. I am an Omnio Learner and an educator at Temple of Learning and Temple of Excellence.  I have been educated in a Gurukulam.

I am a visual learner who learns through games and videos. I learn through the Omnio Learning Curriculum. I have developed a course for children called Omniocraft, which brings Gamification in Education.

Me as a Gurukulam student

I learn in Sowparnika Gurukulam with 4 of my friends- Raiva, Sohali, Mehul and Nimisha. We all follow the Omnio Learning Curriculum which aims to make a child a self learner. At the Gurukulam we learn about ourselves and the world around us. The Gurukulam helps us know who we are and how we live in this world and interact with everyone. We learn through various things like games, stories, movies, various art forms, trips etc. As a visual learner I mainly learn through games and videos.

Me as an educator

I am an educator at Temple of Learning and Temple of Excellence. Temple of learning ( TOL) is an Online Gurukulam for children from 6 years to adulthood and Temple of Excellence is also a Gurukulam for children from 2 years and above and runs at a physical facility. Both of them follow the Omnio Learning Curriculum which is a curriculum for children from 3 months before conception to adulthood.

It has 4 stages in it: 0 to 6 years is called First Steps, 6 to11 years is called Foundation, 11 to15 years is called Formation and 15 to 18 years is called Finishing. Each stage has 3 sections of activities Life, Love and Live. Life delivers content which helps us learn about ourselves and our life. Love has various practices which help us enhance our learning potential and Live helps us learn about how to interact with the world around us.

As an educator I also have developed a course called Omniocraft which helps children learn through games. It helps children learn strategy, emotional management, academics and many many more. through games.