Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator is a game which puts you in the shoes of a young mechanic who has a garage smaller than a master bedroom.

There are 2 game modes; Normal and Sandbox. In Sandbox, you are a god with unlimited level, cash and XP. Normal is what I just said. You pick up orders using a 90’s telephone, the orders will either be side missions (which will most of the time tell you what the problem is) or main mission (which will give you the past, present and future of the car, but will only spot two problems).

By completing orders you gain XP which will slowly increase your level, when you level up you will win a token. You can use the token in a small rack to upgrade your skills, attributes and garage. The rack may look small but it can turn your master bedroom garage into a full on mansion.

When your garage becomes bigger you get new rooms with more abilities (Example: Paint shop room, Dyno, Workbench etc.).

More rooms = More fixing abilities = More problems= More cars= More money=More XP = More Rooms.

There is also a map where you can take the car you are supposed to fix and take it for a ride (don’t let the owners know).

You can also take cars to the test track to scan for problems. There is an abandon airport where you can take the car to have fun, drag and drift.

In the map there is also a junkyard, an auction hall, barn and a car saloon. The junkyard, barn and the auction hall can be used to buy broken cars.

In auction hall you have to bid for the car, the car will be usually 60 to 80 percent fixed. In the junkyard you have to walk around and search for some good cars or boxes that contain car parts (you need parts to fix cars), you have the most chances of finding rare cars here but all cars and parts are almost broken (below 40%).

To get the barn in your map you need a barn map which you can get by levelling up. The barn is a closed place where you can find boxes and piles of parts, which are usually in a good enough condition.

You will also find around one to three cars, the cars won’t be bad as compared to the junkyards and not as good as the auctions, but you still have a pretty good chance of finding car.

The car saloon in the other hand is a place where you can get extremely rare cars with 100% conditions at an extremely, extremely high price. All the cars that you buy will be yours; you can do whatever you want with them. You can park them in your parking lot, take them for a ride, paint them, tune them and even sell them.

 It’s an amazing game but has a lot of holes which they can fill up. The game does not have licensed cars so they take the cars make slight changes, they change the logo and they changed the name which is the first major problem but, I found a resource pack which changes the name, Contact me if you want the resource pack.

Second major problem, when I got the game I was imagining me fixing Lamborghinis but apparently, they don’t have Lamborghinis in fact, there are no fancy carsL. You can get licensed fancy cars, in their DLC’s. You can also find tracks and other fancy stuff in their DLC’sL. There are more problems but I think these are the major and the most frustrating ones.

This game can be used as an amazing educational tool to teach economics, business studies, automobile engineering and finance management. The game is rated PEGI: 3.s